How To Disinfect And Care Mattress During Coronavirus Pandemic?

The covid-19 outbreak has turned the life of everyone. Keeping ourselves and family members disinfected is crucial today. From home surfaces to hand sanitizing is now the everyday part of our life. Still, we miss the care and maintenance of sleeping mattress that is precise.

In this article, we will be talking about some considerable aspects of disinfecting mattresses regularly. It is not only for patients suffering from coronavirus but also for all to keep the infection reach away at maximum.

The Steps To Follow On Mattress Disinfection:

Here below are some crucial factors to keep the mattress clean and disinfected during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

  1. Choose Hot Day: It would be great to disinfect the mattress on a hot or sunny day instead of a humid one. The fresh air and sunlight will together help in mattress hygiene, as it kills injections, germs and dries faster if had stains.
  1. Remove Debris and Dust: You need to clean the mattress to get rid of dust mites. For this, using a vacuum cleaner is imperative to clean all dust particles, debris of skin, hair, cloth fur, etc.
  1. Steam Cleaning Is Good: You can even opt for steam cleaning. For this, you can simply use a garment steamer or hand-held steamer for smoother cleaning. Make the cleaning process slow within short bursts of steam. Cover the whole mattress with steam cleaning, yet never miss to dry it completely.
  1. Antibacterial Spray Usage: It would be great if you are using the antibacterial spray. These spray bottles are easily available in the market and are crucial to clean or disinfect mattresses, home surfaces, etc. If you are following this antibacterial spray method, make sure your mattresses are completely clean and dry before you sleep.
  1. Clean Mattress With Vodka: Using Vodka to clean and disinfecting a mattress is a good idea. If you haven’t tried, then hit it. Sanitizing with alcohol-based materials is ideal for killing germs and viruses. It is even great to get rid of the tangy smell from mattresses.
  1. Using Ultraviolet Rays: People suffering from skin allergies and covid symptoms can use UV rays cleaners to disinfect their mattresses. This is an imperative part of cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of bedding. Ultraviolet rays will precisely help to breakdown the DNA of germs and viruses, thus effectively kills them.

Bottom Line:

Surprisingly, if you plan to buy a new mattress during the pandemic, you must visit Mattress Store in Noida and nearby locations. Find the authorized Mattress Dealer in Noida to get high-quality purchases within great offers and deals. We hope our mattress disinfection points will help you to keep yourself and your family away from coronavirus. 

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