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T-shirts are a staple clothing all around the world. Almost everyone has at least one of them in their wardrobe. There are various designs that are available at stores but what if you wish to create designs of your own choice?

Designing custom t-shirts and apparel online can be so fun. But only when you know the right place to do so. Designhill is a great marketplace where you can create amazing designs by yourself and even sell them online and earn.

Here we shall discuss how you can create custom t-shirts and apparel online at Designhill.  

How to Create Custom T-shirts and Apparel With Designhill

Printshop by Designhill is a platform that offers you the opportunity to create custom clothes and even sell them by print on demand method. 

Here is how you can begin your journey of t-shirt designing with Designhill.

  • Create Account on Designhill 

First, create an account on Printshop, Designhill. It does not require you to pay a single penny for it. Creating an account and designing on this t-shirt maker is totally free of cost. It includes no monthly fees or upfront costs. 

  • Figure out your Target Audience

When designing t-shirts or clothes, you must know whom you are targeting. Research your potential customers or target market and design accordingly. Know the interests, likings and hobbies of your target audience. Create such products that your audience will find appealing. Once you know what your audience is interested in, start designing such products. 

  • Start T-shirt Business 

Once you are done with designing, the next step will be creating a profile on a platform that will start your business. Printshop offers you to portray your designs to the audience on the site. 

  • Promote your Business 

You can even share your designs on various social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. promote your designs on these platforms and attract an audience to purchase amazing custom t-shirts and apparel designed by you. 

It is not necessary to build a business around t-shirt designing but you can create amazing designs for yourself too. You can design t-shirts, hoodies, etc for your loved ones and for yourself. 

Steps to Create Custom T-shirts at Designhill 

Now, coming on what steps to follow to design gorgeous t-shirts and clothes on your own. 

  • Choose T-Shirt Style

There are a variety of styles that you can choose from. You can design your clothes as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, jerseys and much more. You can select any of these that suits you. Also, there are various different styles available for men and women. 

  • Select Colours and Size

Next step is choosing colours for the t-shirts that you are designing. It could be on the basis of your choice, brand’s colour palette, logo colours, the cause that you might be supporting, event theme, etc. 

Despite the necessity, keep color psychology in mind. Choose colours that send similar messages as you wish to. Also, do not make use of clashing colours. Choose colours that compliment each other instead. This also depends upon the target audience. See what your audience preferences and design just like that without letting your own likes cloud the judgement.   

  • Add Your Creative Touch

You can add anything you like to your creative t-shirt design. It could be text, graphics, icons or any artwork that you like. Adding logo design can help you promote your brand. It keeps brand identity intact. Also, t-shirts are probably the best promotional products in the market. 

The design library of Designhill  has a huge number of icons, graphics and fonts available for you to use for free. 

  • Add Images

Not just graphics and text you can even get images printed on t-shirts. There are tons of images available that you can get printed on your custom clothes. Also, you can upload your own image for getting printed too. 

But make sure that the image you upload is of good quality. It should be of 150 or more DPI. you can check the DPI level of your image with the tool in the edit panel. 

  • Add To Cart 

First preview your t-shirt and see what the whole design looks like. 

After your design is created, add it to cart and purchase whenever you feel like. Or make it available at Printshop to earn by selling the t-shirts or apparel that you designed. 

Benefits of greetings Custom tees and Apparel on Designhill 

There can be various reasons behind you thinking of designing your own custom t-shirts and selling them online. But here we shall discuss what main benefits almost any person can get by creating and selling t-shirts online with Designhill. 

Build your own business from Home

When working online with Designhill, you do not even need to step foot out of your home to get the work done. All you need is a good internet connection and laptop or mobile phone. Obviously, a great design idea is required too to get started. You can design from home and let the company do all of the work for you. 

Extra Income 

Why waste time sitting at home and wasting time when you can earn money in your free time. Also, this handsome extra income that you generate can be of use definitely. 

You can launch your own t-shirt store and sell beautifully designed t-shirts. The best part is you sell products under your brand name. The online t-shirt maker that you use will not be shown anywhere. People receive your t-shirts under the brand name that you use. 

No Burden of Creation 

Next, the benefit is that you do not need to worry about inventory or storage at all.  That’s all the company’s headache. All you have to do is create stunning designs and launch your own store. When you get orders, the company will create, print and parcel your order to the customer’s doorsteps. 

You just need to focus on designing and marketing your business. printing , packing, shipping of custom t-shirts is handled by the company. 

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