Reasons that Make our Mother’s so Special and Unique

“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers” this beautiful Jewish proverb is appropriately said to its best. Throughout the world, mothers are equated to the true epitome of the God. Her selfless love towards her child cannot be put into word. It is so pure and unaltered that it cannot be compared to anything in this world. She is the one who holds a family together and makes a house, a home. The purity at her heart is unmatched and equally beautiful. The morals and values that she installs in us since our birth become the base of our future associations and how we handle our relationships. 

She is a true inspiration that has no match. Our mothers are the ones who hold us firm as we fall from the day we were born. She went through the painful process of childbirth to bring us into this beautiful world. She shadows us from anything evil or wrong. She is an angel that we all should love and cherish. With the fast-paced lives, we have somehow deprioritised our parents and our families. It is time that we rose towards changing this and start prioritising things that matter the most. This Mother’s Day, send flowers online to your mother, take her out shopping or maybe get her a fantastic gift to make this day memorable.  

This Mother’s Day, let’s list down a few reasons why our mother is the most special person of all. 

 Selfless Love: 

A mother’s selfless love cannot be put into words. Since the day she gives birth to an infant, all her life is devoted to caring and providing for her minor child. She would not sleep for days together if she knows her child is unwell or stressed. She does whatever it takes to make sure that her love, her child, stay happy at all times. It is said that the purity of her love is unmatched and extremely beautiful.  


Motherhood is another name for sacrifice. Since her child is born, a mother sacrifices her health, sleep, luxuries, and so much more for her child. She would sacrifice her wishes to ensure that her child gets what he wants at the end of the day. She will save extensively to get that perfect video game for her boy or maybe that barbie for her daughter. These are the small things that make her the most fantastic individual in this world.  


Morals and ethics are what makes a person special and unique. When we talk about mothers, they teach us so much throughout our lives. Sometimes we are taught how to tackle a specific situation while sometimes observing and learning our mothers. Either way, these teachings are what makes us successful in our lives. Based on these, we handle our relationships and maintain our social life, work-life, and personal lives. It is these that make people evaluate as an excellent or imperfect human being. 

Motivation and Support: 

Whenever we are down or sad, we usually run to our moms, knowing that she has the answer to everything. She is our constant motivator and supporter. The whole world can be against us, but our mother will stand by us no matter the case. We might fail an exam many times, but her motivation will enable us to go for it just one more time. She believes in us and considers us almost invincible, and that’s just unique. 

 The Backbone of the Family: 

A mother takes it upon herself to ensure that every family member is happy and cheerful. A mother is truly the backbone of every family as she keeps people close and united. A mother would do anything to ensure that her family members’ wellness and the selfless nature of hers extend to every individual in it. Mothers bring out the best in us as they guide us through our lives, being there for us whenever we need someone to talk to. She is the hero that every family needs. 

 Our mother too gets tired, she too gets stressed and tensed, she too needs your support and love, so make sure to be there whenever she needs. Sending flowers to India or pampering her with gifts might not mean a lot to you, but it will mean a lot to your mom. Our love and gratitude towards our mom need to be at the top priority. She deserves all the love and appreciation in this world. To make this day particular do whatever it takes to plan something that stands out and brings happiness to your mom at the core of her heart.  

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