Tungnath, Chandrashila Trek A detailed travel guide for Chopta

While the internet waves over popular trekking destinations with travel blogs, a careful survey shows that most of them are similar and sometimes lack the information. And for Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila Trek, I have noticed the same thing.


In April 2017 I made this guide to Chopta Chandrashila trek, Tungnath, and Chandrashila following my many thankful Emails and comments received following the trekking tour to Kheerganga. The very nature of this lovely and easily accessible trek from Chopta makes this an ideal day trip from Delhi to be completed even during a 3-day trip.


Situated at 2600 meters, Chopta is a little tourist town and is also the final drive to the Tungnath and Chandrashila peak. The distances and nature of the tour makes it the most popular weekend vacation for prospective visitors to Delhi and to other parts of North India.

How to reach Chopta?


Chopta lies on Ukhimath – Chamoli – Gopeshwar road, in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Chopta is 225 kilometers distant from Haridwar and Chopta is approximately 29 kilometers away. Let me start from Delhi to simplify the reaching part. At an altitude of about 2650m, Chopta is located.


It has a regular bus service from ISBT Kashmere Gate & Anand Vihar ISBT to Haridwar. It usually takes 5-6 hours to cover the distance. Delhi to Haridwar has three types of coaches; normal coaches, Janrath coaches (AC), and Volvo (AC). It is advisable to take a bus at 10 pm or 10:30 pm to reach Haridwar bus station at approximately 4 am.


Haridwar to Chopta: There may be confusion with Kund buses at the bus stand at 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning if you reach Haridwar. Nobody will deny the availability of a bus without a proper information channel and no one will tell you where and how.


According to my experience, a humble suggestion – don’t waste time on the Haridwar bus booth here and there. The early bus services on the route to Chopta depart from a GMOU bus stand, located on the left-hand side after you leave the gates, a 500-meter-long walk away from the Haridwar main bus. GMO represents the Operators’ Association of Garhwal Mandal(Bus). On the other side of the Godown Railway is the stand of GMOU bus service.


Breakfast is at 3 Dhara near Devprayag at a Dhaba on the coach. Make sure you eat plenty of aloo parents so that afterward you can get food right in Chopta. In the bus (300 rs.) in about 7 hours the distance between Haridwar and Kund is covered. Once you arrive at Kund about 12:30, Ukhimath (20 Rs) has shared cabins (Sumo) and then Ukhimath to Chopta (50 Rs.) Chopta should be reached at 14 or 3 pm, depending on the luck with common transport. The town of Chopta, which is about 24 km from Chopta, is located on the Ukhimath-Gopeshwar road; and is very scenic.


Planning the trek


When you come to Duggalbitta, camps, tents, and small homestays will become available as an option. The best idea is to get straight to Chopta if you arrive via public transport (where there are trek stairs to Tungnath temple.) In the summer, the bus to Gopeshwar runs from Ukhimath to Gopeshwar and you can get to Chopta also by bus. (The buses run twice a day, according to locals.) The shared taxis are numerous and run at least 5 in the morning from Ukhimath to Chopta.


Chopta is probably reached by 14 to 3 p.m. It’s usually about 3 hours for an average person to walk to Tungnath Temple from Chopta, and another 1 hour from Tungnath to Chandrashila. It can be classified as a relatively easy trek – on the level of difficulty and can be ideal for a walk.


Most people are staying at Chopta, walk a day to Chandrashila and Tungnath, and return the same day. You can do it if you leave early, say at 7 a.m. Tungnath is best reached by 10 people, paid tribute to the temple and savored the landscape. Trek to Chandrashila ahead, return around 1 p.m. Eat lunch at Tungnath temple or on the trail at the dhabas and start walking back towards Chopta. Please be aware that the time to walk back is normally half the time you should take, so in 2 hours from Chandrashila you can come back to Chopta.

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