A short guide to Chadar Trek: What makes it so special?

The Chadar Trek is a must for everyone who lives in cities and has been looking for opportunities to have the freedom of their hard work life for a while. After finishing it, someone will realize the extraordinary natural beauty and why need to be protected. The Chadar track is a very different journey because it involves running on the frozen Zanskar River at an altitude of 13,000 feet for days in sub-zero temperatures at around -25 degrees Celsius. Trekking experience on the Aqua blue ice line between the calm chocolate mountains along with cold wind is an experience in itself. This trip has been categorized under the main level of difficulty trek because it requires a large number of activities. One is also required to have the right guide before starting this trip. The trail of this trip is around 105 km and on average, the trekker will run a distance of 15 to 17 km per day.


The village falls in the trace of Chadar Trek is her and languished. Trekker will come to these two villages on different days during the trip.


Hell: This is one of the two villages where Trekker will take their termination. The sunset view of this point is worth watching. Tourists will definitely click on several images from this point. Trekkers will reach this village after watching a charming frozen waterfall and massive Tibb cave. This village functions as the main basic camp of the Chadar track. To reach the village of Nerak, Trekkers will climb a steep mountain footprint. This village house facility is like a health pharmacy that is not perfect and a solar factory. There are also housing schools in this village where students learn to the basic level. All basic items including the ration were purchased for a full year and taken in this village of Wonla’s small settlement, which is located at a very far distance and is located around Zing La Pass. Only a trace of Chadar Trek connects the village of Herak with the outside world. 


Lingshed: Trekker will arrive in Lingshed Village.This village is filled with many natural beauty.. This monastery is a famous tourist attraction. Now, the trekkers will visit popular tourist attractions such as Gyalpo and bicycles. Gyalpo is a charming camp located in the meadow on the Zanskar River. In this region, travelers will find impressive peaks and large natural rocks that are naturally spoken in abstract form. Diesokma is another stop point during the Chadar Track. Since now, travelers can enjoy the view of the Himalayas, it is also known as the most peaceful point of the trip.


At night, travelers will also get a chance to see the sky full of stars. The Chadar Trek is known for its rough camping conditions and fluctuating temperatures, there will be some examples where trekkers will be asked to maneuver through difficult terrain from travel and climbing cold stones and stones.


Ice line Aqua Blue frozen wide formed by the Zanskar River in the winter between large, calm, golden chocolate is the main factor that makes Chadar Trek a special trip.


Lifesaver Tips: Training Prevention When stepping on on the Frozen River


It is recommended that someone have to share his schedule to go on Chadar Trek with at least one friend or family member. This will ensure that he has someone to help in an emergency.


It is recommended to bring warm clothes because there is a high-temperature probability to be dropped very low.


Tourists are advised to bring a number of food and water that can be eaten with them, because there may be a lack of food and water during the trip.


Someone should not forget to bring the first aid kit and medicine, because travelers will be involved in activities that will need a lot of deployment and often get bruises and light cuts during the trip.


Someone must ensure that the track trail is clean and they may not pollute traces or throw away anything during the trip. Tourists are also advised not to use shampoo and soap in the waterfall.


A person must respect all religious religions and the tranquility of all temples that fall on the way.


Someone should not obey or ignore the instructions and tips provided by this guide.


Avid missed one of the food during the trip because the intense field of Chadar Trek would need a trekker to have a large amount of energy.


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