What are the best strategies and tips to play Indian rummy?

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Who does not like winning a game? Everyone wants to succeed in a game, whether it is an online or real game. Nothing is more exhilarating than a win. However, not everyone can win each game, particularly in a game like rummy, where the outcome can be highly unpredictable.

Indian rummy is a mind-boggling card game with significant challenges. It gives very little importance to luck and more to skills. For generations, this game has been a popular form of entertainment in Indian households, especially during the festive season. It is one of the perfect Indian card games to socialize with your loved ones. But with the easy availability of the online game, you get a chance to play with different players across the world who share the same common interest.

With the advent of technology, online rummy has made it easy for anyone to play their favourite game anytime, anywhere. Though technology has evolved, there is one thing that remains unchanged. The ever-evolving rummy strategy and skills that you need to win big. Following are the strategy and tips that are worth noting in order to win big and minimize your losses.

Top winning strategies and tips for Indian rummy

Aim for a pure sequence 

A pure sequence is mandatory for a valid declaration. When playing online rummy, you should first focus on making a pure sequence. When the cards are dealt, you might get one if you are lucky. But, if there isn’t any, your top-most priority should be to start creating a pure sequence. At times, you might get caught up in trying to meld all your cards into sets and sequences. You continue waiting for one specific card that you need to make a pure sequence. Remember, if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to make a valid declare! Also, aiming for pure sequence first ensures that you will get lesser points if any of your opponent wins, even if you lose the rummy hand.

Get rid of high-value cards

Always try to get rid of high-value cards as soon as possible to keep your total points low. As per the rules of the game, all face cards carry 10 points each. Once the dealer deals the cards and you finish sorting them, if you find out that the high-value cards do not fit anywhere, it is better to discard them as soon as possible. Doing so will help you in keeping your total score low. Remember, never discard those cards which might turn out to benefit your opponents. Suppose, if they have picked K♥, don’t throw the card which can go with any of these high-value cards like A♥ Q♥, Q♥ J♥, or 10♥ J♥ Q♥. Don’t discard anything close to K♥.

Watch your opponent moves 

To win the game of rummy is not only about just focusing on your cards. You must also keep a watch on your opponent’s move. By observing which cards they pick from the open deck and get rid of, you can predict their hands as well as their possible future actions. Keeping an eye on the moves of your opponents will give you an idea of a pattern of the cards they are picking from the discard section. Once you get an idea of the cards they are selecting, you will know the sequence they are trying to create.

Avoid picking cards from the discard pile 

Remember, as a golden rule of rummy, if you are observing the moves of your opponents, they might also be observing yours. If you pick cards from the open pile, your opponent will get an idea of what cards you have in your hand. If they get an idea, they will avoid throwing cards that you need. To prevent this, just don’t pick cards from the open pile, at least till you form a pure sequence.

Use joker wisely 

In the game of rummy, a joker is a game-changing card. It plays a vital role in rummy, particularly in melds. It helps in melding cards into sets or sequences. Once you have a mandatory pure sequence, use a joker to make the rest of the impure sets or sequences. A smart trick is to use a joker to start making sequences with high-value cards to reduce your deadwood points. This move is especially helpful if your opponent declares the game and you want to minimize your losses.

Discard cards that are close to joker 

This is the tip that is mostly used by an expert player and one of the best ways to bluff your opponents. Jokers are crucial, and you must focus on making the best use of it. In the game of rummy, a joker can be used in many ways, with a little bit of twist. As joker is a game changing card, you can use it as your trump card. Discard the cards that are closer to the joker. Doing so will give you an advantage over your opponents. Suppose 7♠ is the wild joker card; discard cards like 5♠, 6♠, 8♠, and 9♠. There will be good chances they will not pick the discarded cards or use a joker to form a pure sequence.

Bluff like an expert player

The best way to keep your opponents on your toes throughout the game is by making it tough for them to monitor your game. Trick your opponents into discarding the cards that are closer to what you want in order to make a complete combination. For instance, discarding a 7♣ from your hand can give your opponent an idea that 8♣ is a safe card to discard, even though you were eyeing it to finish your set of three 8s. But, don’t forget, always first analyze your opponents playing pattern and then bluff. With the right use of the bluff strategy, you can turn the game around any time.

Drop the game 

Although this is the least favourite advice, but when the cards are not in your favour, it is always better to drop out of the game. Giving up is not always bad. Just listen to your instinct and move ahead. You should know when to bet or drop in order to succeed in the rummy game. By incorporating certain probability concepts into the rummy game will help you to assess your hand status. If things are not going your way, it is better to stop playing right away rather than losing with a great margin, which is itself the best rummy basic strategy.

In a nutshell, rummy is a game based on skill and strategy, which can be mastered with a lot of practice. While practising the game, if you use online rummy strategy and tips, also which are mentioned above, nobody can stop you from becoming an expert player. If you are new to the game, start with practising with one of the best rummy sites for Indian players – Gamentio to build familiarity and once you are comfortable, then proceed to play for real money. What are you waiting for? Grab your phone, download the online rummy app for free and enter into the world of endless entertainment and fun.

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