Types of Cybersecurity you need to secure your business from

To get to what type of cyber security you need to secure your Business, firstly we need to know what kind of cyber threats affects our Business.

In Today’s world, there are a lot of physical threats, similarly, there are a lot of cyber threats as well and these threats can come and affect your business from all directions. When someone tries to attack your business online it’s called a cyber-attack. But there are some good practices to follow which will help you to minimize cyber threats to your business as an entity.

First, let’s discuss some of the most famous attacks that Cybercriminals tend to use to harm someone-

Malware attack

To get an overview of what malware is, we can describe it as a type of attack where malicious employee productivity software is injected into the target’s device which fetches all the sensitive information. Generally, this malicious software is spyware, ransomware, viruses, and worms.


Phishing is also a very commonly used cyber-attack. What Phishing generally refers to is the practice to establish fake communication with the target pretending to be a trusted source, phishing is most commonly done via email. The whole motive of this communication is to get hold of some or as much possible sensitive information like credit card details or login information or to install the malware in the victim’s device.

 Man in the Middle attack- MitM

These attacks are mostly specific to fetch banking or money transferring confidential information here the attacker especially inserts themselves between two-party transaction or communication. Once the attacker interrupts the traffic, they filter and steal the data. This generally happens to employees of a company on an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

Other than these there are some other malicious programs that are harmful like Denial-of-service attack, SQL injection, Zero-day exploits, and DNS Tunneling. Knowing about your enemy’s attack will help you to defend better.

 Types of Cybersecurity you need to Secure Your Business From

Expanding your business online has its own advantages but it can also increase the risk of fraud and spam. A small cyber-attack can lead your business in trouble and damage your reputation in the market so it is necessary to follow certain security prevention techniques to ensure you are safe and secure from Cybercriminals and their malicious activities.

Spreading awareness to your firm’s Employee

Today a lot of cyber-attacks on businesses include an employee action that somehow leads the hackers to gain access to the business confidential information or in their system. This is due to a lack of awareness or knowledge of Employees on the topic of cybersecurity, so employees must be given proper education on network security and also the best practices to remain safe. If your employee is educated enough he/ she can practice the best prevention techniques for reducing cyber-attacks.


As the name suggests firewall is just like a wall that prevents outside threats it only allows a specific type of communication and excludes the others. Just like your home front and the main door which should remain closed for all the unwanted people out there and only open for the authorized or wanted people.

In short, it acts as a front guard for your organization when a cyber-attack happens.

Network Access Control

The most basic rule here is that only authorized devices of your business should be given access to connect to your business network to remain in its secrecy. In case a device that is wireless needs to be connected through a network you should only permit them the use of the internet and should not provide the access to the internal visibility of the internal resources. Only well-known and authenticated devices should be connected to your network.

 Web Filtration

When a company’s Employee visits a malicious website and gets their device infected that in turn compromises the system security of their company, so employees should be aware and shouldn’t access websites that look malicious or are known to be malicious. It is always suggested to visit a website that has a lock image mainly called SSL certified website.

 Email Filtration

The best filtration process for removal of spam and virus-infected email is to filter all your emails outside your firewall, this can help you by reducing the total amount of traffic load on your company’s internet connection, it also helps to make sure that email-based malicious code never enters your system or your company’s network. Moreover, you can also enable your firewall in such a way that it can only accept emails from a well-known source

Network Security Monitoring

Having an early warning system that can guard you if any unwanted activities occur in your absence so that you could take some prevention steps as earlier as possible should be implemented by the business enterprise in order to prevent cyber-attacks and other malicious activities. Hence, there should be a Network Security Monitoring System installed in every business network to identify and track down unwanted traffic on your network and to be safe before anything happens.

Updating Operating System

Today’s Operating Systems constantly get better both in terms of usability and also in terms of their security. They constantly get security patches so that they can remain unharmed from any harmful people. So the security patches that are regularly rolled out by the manufacturers to ensure the security of these devices, hence not being able to install these security patches will result in the exposed vulnerability of your devices.


Our systems and devices are threatened regularly by various new malware and viruses. It is necessary to update the antivirus software at regular intervals as these updates contain various new security files which protect your computer. Keeping these soft wares not updated will mean you are vulnerable to attacks.

Application Security

Cybercriminals continuously search for the loopholes within the application and it is the hard truth that no security lasts for so long because hackers find a way to break all those securities and harm your system. They can enter your System via an Application that is not updated or old. To prevent these cyber-attacks it is recommended to update your application as soon as the update comes.

Printer security

Printers today have become so essential and a lot of us today don’t even understand that they are open to vulnerabilities and can be attacked. You should make sure to install necessary updates and security patches for their smooth functioning.

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