Delegation for Next-Gen Leaders

The ongoing Pandemic shows no signs of letting up – it has become cyclical, changing established norms and forcing everyone to adapt to newer ways of working. But as businesses reopen, markets get active and newer ways of living & working get mainstreamed, leaders are trying to build efficiencies and drive business continuity to ensure that situations come back to pre-covid levels. While not impossible, it is, however, is easier said than done. With teams scattered and remote working quite entrenched – and no end to the pandemic in sight – productivity and efficiency need to be monitored and synergies between teams need to increase. 

Against this backdrop and in this situation, as the next line of leadership in organizations emerges, how should they ensure that the work gets done? How should the Next-Gen leaders address their scattered work-force? which is the best strategy suited to keep team spirit strong and how can they delegate tasks to the teams? All these are questions plaguing organizations and next-gen leaders – but there are some tried and trusted ways to delegate work and drive outcomes:  impact the outcomes of collaboration between team-members and drive outcomes:

(1) Approach teams with Confidence and Manage better: 

In the current situation, scattered teams may end up working in silos – and this may impact on outcome. Thus it is up to the Next-Gen leaders to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working cohesively – towards organizational goals and to perform better. They need to delegate tasks and work to people through whatever mediums available, but do so confidently. Once the teams see the leaders are confident, they will take the lead from that and proceed further. Delegating properly and with a full briefing will help transform the nature of the outcome. Managing and coordinating all the tasks that have been delegated also becomes a responsibility of the Next-Gen leaders, so that they can plug the outcomes into the overall strategy. Hence they will be better positioned to delegate the next round of tasks to the teams. This leads to more efficient teams and organizations, and better leaders.

(2) Delegate Outcomes and Fully Empower: 

Since remote working is a byproduct of the Pandemic, leaders may not always be in touch with the teams. This is the ideal time to experiment with new styles of management, innovation and delegation. Try delegating Outcomes, rather than Tasks. Once the teams know that they are responsible for a particular outcome (and most importantly, have been empowered to deal with it) – they will approach it with a new zeal, a new energy and a fierce determination. This can help get results faster and generate cohesive team-bonding. It is a vital learning for Next-Gen leaders that though they have all the technology at their disposal, the human factor matters most – they need to focus on building up the trust and empowerment in their teams by entrusting them with outcomes, rather than just tasks. Something that was quite evident in move by that introduced instamojo coupon for SMEs to leverage the robust tools and technologies offered by partner busines. Not only will this transform the team but also be a great investment in ensuring business continuity.

(3) Direct communication and Better Outcomes

In current climes, it is always better to communicate more and with focus on what needs to be achieved. The Next-Gen leaders have all the technology at their beck and call – they can use phones, skype, zoom or whichever mode suits them to communicate with their teams directly and seamlessly. The most crucial point is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and roles + responsibilities are clearly outlined. Once the flow of communication is smooth and regular, people will use it to their advantage to drive outcomes. Their focus will be on the impact of their work, rather than just the completion of tasks. When teams start thinking of the organization, rather than just themselves, it is a huge achievement. Outcomes become simpler and more evident, esprit-de-corps remains high and business continuity seems a certainty rather than just a possibility. Next-Gen leaders need to leverage communications in delegating work, tasks and responsibilities. 

(4) Harnessing learning and Openness: 

Emerging leaders need to realize that this is a new era and both factors – tech & human need to work in tandem for optimum organizational efficiency. Thus they need to delegate with a focus on what works best for both – deploying technology in the best possible way to save time, effort and how it can help work smartly. Here, the human element of the delegation aspect comes into play – the Next-Gen leader needs to think it out beforehand and brief the teams accordingly on how to execute the tasks given. Gradually, having done some tasks, the teams will themselves learn how to best carry out the tasks and this should be shared as an experience across teams. This will promote learning, collaboration and openness accross the organization. The hallmark of the businesses in the new era is that they encourage learning, they encourage openness and above all, extract the maximum benefits out of lessons learnt by their teams.


It is important for Next-Gen leaders to realize that they are the bridge between the organization’s yesterdays and tomorrows. Legacies have to be preserved, ethos has to be maintained and history has to be written. How they best do it, ensures whether the business and organization will grow from just good to great.

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